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Taking care of your eye health is important at every age but as we grow older, our eyes require more care and attention. Oscar Wylee has trained optometrists to take care of your eye health needs, whether that is with annual eye exams or multifocal fittings. We also offer a wide selection of affordable and on-trend frames, from clean and refined to fun, statement pairs.

Are you due for an eye exam?

Book online with one of our qualified optometrists to receive a comprehensive eye exam. We recommend you have an eye exam at least once every 2 years.
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Services for seniors

Our optometrists are qualified to deal with age-related eye concerns and to provide the appropriate care. Below are some of the services we offer.

Eye Exams

We provide eye exams at all of our Canadian Oscar Wylee stores. If you are over 65 years old, we recommend you have a yearly review with one of our trained optometrists.

Vision Testing for Driving

At Oscar Wylee, our optometrists are able to perform vision tests for a person’s ability to hold a motor vehicle driving license and fill in the required paperwork.


This exam is not covered by the province and will incur a fee.

Visual field test

Visual Field Testing (VFT) is used to quantify the peripheral vision of each individual eye. VFT allows your optometrist to establish a baseline and diagnose eye diseases such as glaucoma.

A visual field test can be beneficial for those with neurological conditions affecting their visual fields, progressive eye diseases and monocular drivers who need to fit certain criteria to continue driving. 

Not every Oscar Wylee store offers visual field testing, call your nearest location to find out more.

Retinal Scan

Performed by an optometrist, a retinal scan is a procedure that provides insight into the health of the eye and helps diagnose retinal diseases. Some of these include:
  • Optic nerve health (including signs of optic neuritis and atrophy)
  • Macular health (including Macular Degeneration)
  • Diabetic retinopathy (a complication from diabetes that causes vision loss due to damaged blood vessels in the eye)
  • Blood vessel health (including hypertension, blockages and leakages)

Not every Oscar Wylee store offers retinal scans, call your nearest location to find out more.

Finding Your Frames

Whether you’re looking for sophistication or eye-catching colours, we have frames for everyone.

Browse our collection of optical glasses.

Glasses for seniors men

Men’s glasses

Explore our range of high-quality frames for men at great value.

Glasses for seniors women

Women’s glasses

From classic to trendy, discover our wide range of eyewear for women.

Our Lenses

Oscar Wylee offers a large range of lens options to suit your visual and lifestyle needs.

Multifocal lenses

Multifocal glasses are a convenient solution for those with issues seeing both close-up and far away. They include multiple prescriptions in one lens so you can get the best of both worlds with our selection of multifocal lenses, customized to your needs.

Bifocal glasses

Bifocals are glasses designed for people who struggle with near and distance vision. The lenses of bifocals are split into two defined segments which contain two prescriptions, so you don’t have to swap between different glasses.

Reading glasses

Bifocals Reading glasses are a solution to presbyopia, an age-related eye condition. Readers work by magnifying nearby objects, allowing you to read a book or do close-range activities comfortably without eye strain or blurry vision.

You may have heard of over-the-counter reading glasses. These have a preset magnification strength and the same prescription in both lenses. While readers are less expensive, they are unable to provide full correction for individuals. That is why we recommend you choose a pair of reading glasses from Oscar Wylee as we are able to make them custom to your face and prescription needs.

High index lenses

For people who wear glasses with a strong prescription, it can be beneficial to invest in high index lenses. High index lenses are designed to bend light more efficiently compared to regular lenses, which as a result allows the lenses to be thinner, lighter and more comfortable for everyday use.
Need a new pair of mutifocals?

Visit our friendly staff in one of our Oscar Wylee stores for multifocal fittings and other optometry needs.
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Be the first to get all the Oscar Wylee VIP info, including our newest designs, new products, and new store openings happening near you.