Direct Billing

Direct Billing


Direct billing in health insurance is the process of filing health insurance claims without you having to worry about all the paperwork.


At Oscar Wylee Canada, direct billing is simple. We will bill your health insurance provider directly and submit your claims, saving you time and from paying upfront for your prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, or eye exam. You would only pay the difference (if any) depending on your vision insurance coverage and the cost of your glasses.


Direct bill works in all Canadian provinces. But the health insurers may be different.


Our friendly and professional teams are ready to help you claim your insurance benefits on the spot in-store. Visit us in one of our Canadian locations!

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direct billing

Remember to bring your health insurance card with you.

Our friendly team will help direct bill your health insurance company.
Health Insurance


Private health insurance helps cover the cost of your health care. Depending on your coverage plan, some policies will include vision care coverage which you can use to pay towards the cost of new glasses.


At Oscar Wylee we can direct bill to most major insurance providers in Canada with Telus Health.


For more information visit our Insurance page.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Policy limits vary depending on your level of coverage. We recommend you contact your health insurance provider to be aware of any restrictions.


Due to insurance provider restrictions, we are not able to claim for non-prescription items via private health insurance in-store.


Contact your health insurance provider for more information.


All purchases made in-store can be claimed directly on your behalf by our store team and you will only need to cover the gap. If you do not have your health card, you will need to pay the total and claim back from them.


We are unable to provide service codes for non-prescription items.


Depending on your age and where you live you may be able to receive some coverage through your provincial health insurance plan. If you are not eligible, our eye exams are available for a fee.


Please note that the coverage and ability to direct bill for eye exams vary between provinces.


Contact your local Oscar Wylee store for more information.

Health Insurance Providers
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